Home part 2

That following Friday night I went to a Shabbat potluck dinner that I was invited to by my friend ”Stacey”. We met through one of my good friends from home “Missy”, they were in the same sorority at OSU. My friend “Annie” and I would go up some summers to visit “Missy” and naturally became good friends with all of her sorority sisters, which included “Stacey”.  “Stacey” got a job in Cincinnati after graduation. She lives on a cute, homey street in an adorable (and might I add HUGE) apartment right near Mt. Lookout. I arrived wearing a black Free People intimates tube top, a black floral lace bomber jacket, black suede wedges, vintage gold jewelry, and my new favorite pair of green and blue vintage inspired, floral high-waisted pants from ASOS.

I brought a fresh homemade salad and a bottle of red wine. I park my car in front of her place and it’s a freezing January night so I rush up to “Stacey”’s apartment steps to diffuse my nerves and the fact that I’m about 30 minutes late. I say “HI!” to this girl “Eliza” I hadn’t seen since we went to Israel together about 4 years ago and we caught up for a bit. She introduced me to a bunch of the nice Jewish girls at the potluck; everyone seemed super friendly and sweet! I excused myself for a sec and scurried off to the kitchen to collect my nerves. As I’m swooping into the kitchen, I make eye contact with like 3 dudes and they all flirtatiously smile at me. “Oh, Jesus”, is my first thought. “This is going to be interesting.” I also had no idea why I was nervous! It’s just a little nerve racking going to a party where the only person you may know is the hostess, also I have noticed I sometimes feel out of place hanging out with a lot people I know are nothing like the friends I’ve had in my life for the past 5 years. I dunno why I was nervous so I had to shake it off! So I took some deep breaths, poured about half the bottle of wine into a mug I found in a cabinet and drank myself to un-nervous. Okay, good to go. I found “Stacey” in her bedroom, gave her a big hug and she introduced me to some more people. The Shabbat candles were already lit so about 5 minutes after I got there everyone got in line to get some food.  I chatted with two old home friends I have known since I was little, got myself a plate, and sat down in the unofficial designated “girls” area around the couches. All the girls were very friendly and sweet. A few of them worked at marketing firms downtown, one girl was a 27 year old Rabbi (pretty cool), “Eliza” ran Access, this Jewish social organization, some were doing Teach For America, etc. After we were all finished eating, my longtime childhood friend “Andi” and I caught up a bit and then migrated towards some other people to chat with.

“Andi” starts talking to a few guys near the kitchen so I join in on the conversation. There were three guys talking with us, one super nerdy and not cute (but nice), one super awkward and not cute, and one probably not Jewish and definitely cute, of course. I find that I am attracted to many people when I first meet them and then once I get to know them I’m not attracted to anyone. I feel like that’s common, maybe it’s not, who knows. Moments like that make me realize I am somewhat, sometimes like Jessa from HBO Girls, ha. Anyway, as we kept talking I gathered he was a real estate agent, still in love with his apparently “huge bitch” ex-girlfriend and kind of a materialistic douche so the initial attraction quickly diminished. He was alright to talk to though.

At one point the super awkward and not cute dude and I were having a conversation about a mutual acquaintance we both knew. He was telling how much he really disliked this kid and I’m just nodding along being polite in this awkward conversation as I notice him just blatantly staring at my chest.  I notice this highly uncomfortable situation and not so discreetly pull up my top a bit. He acknowledges me doing that and then apologizes, “Oh, er, I’m sorry about that…” In this moment I am stunned and dying of laugher inside. You don’t verbalize you were staring at my tits moron! Isn’t that like dude common sense?! You move on and don’t do it anymore, haha, oy so awkward. I just laughed off his apology and said “haha it’s fine…”. We talk for another minute or so and he tells me he was in a fraternity at OSU. The same one that “Matty” was in. “Cool, awesome…. (not)” is my first thought. But I’m a masochist so I inquire the awkward dude if he knows “Matty”. He says he’s not sure and tells me to ask his friend “Dave”, who was to the left of me, if he knows him. Haha, he does and they’re really good friends he tells me. I think to myself “Well, la-di-dah, isn’t that just perfect”.

This story gets really good… more tomorrow!


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Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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