Home Part 3

So I shift my attention to this dude “Dave”, who I recognized from some other Cincinnati Jewish event called “Latkapalooza” (yeah, that’s a thing haha) I had gone to Christmas Eve but hadn’t talked to, and we start talking. He asks me how I know “Matty” since I didn’t go to OSU. I tell him I went to college in Philadelphia and met him there. He says “Damn, yeah he was always into those Jewish girls…”, I think, “Haha, yes I know this fact.” I tell him we dated/hooked up for a bit and had “a, an err… tumultuous relationship”. He chuckles and asks, “What does that mean? Like physical fighting?”. I retort, “No, no, of course not, just an odd relationship. I think he’s dating a Brazilian girl or something now so it really doesn’t matter.” “Oh wow, good for him, I should congratulate him, getting a Jewish girl and a Brazilian…”. Haha, what?! I am instantly a little perturbed by this comment, raise my eyebrows at him with a surprised smirk and take a big gulp of my wine. He keeps inquiring about “Matty” and me so I tell him, “Yeah, um, we just had a weird, intense chemistry and it overwhelmed both of us I think. So then he told me he’d never date me because I was Jewish” and he raises his eyebrows in surprise at this and replies, “Well, at least he told you, a lot of guys wouldn’t even do that”. I take in that comment, and of course, agree with him, but think to myself it is still depressing some guys wouldn’t even have the decency to tell someone they’d been intimate with what they really thought of them. So I reply to him, “True, true, yeah I kinda used to hate him (haha, I laugh to make this uncomfortable conversation less awkward) but at the time I was just being selfish and wanted to hookup. Now I realize it was a fair thing to say to me and made the most sense”, and he says, “Yeah “Matty”s a good dude”, and I just nod my head agreeably, nervously laugh, and take another big gulp from my wine mug. “Oof,” I think, “gotta change the subject”.

So I change the subject, and “Dave” and I talk about all the mutual friends we have, where he likes to go out in Cincy, what kind of fun/uneventful things I have done since being home, what I am going to do in Israel, what he does in Cincinnati for work, etc. Ironically, he tells me he is a banker/economist and is getting his MBA, (just like “Matty”, haha, irony!).  Before we know it, we’ve been talking for like 15 minutes and everyone else we were talking with before had meandered to the living room. Eventually, “Dave” and I make our way over to everyone else and I begin talking with this doofy, funny guy named “Doug”. “Doug” is your typical goofy slightly overweight Jewish dude. He’s not ugly but not really good looking, he’s hilarious, and very forward when it comes to hitting on women. He reminds me of all of the Seinfeld characters wrapped into one person or something like that. Okay, let’s be real, he’s a little obnoxious, and by “a little”, i mean “a lotta”obnoxious. He has bright beady blue eyes, a wide gregarious grin, and dark, brown hair. Oh wait no, he is this cartoon character! No idea, who this creepy wolf is but it’s “Doug” in cartoon form… http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YuaWHGLa9w4/S8etsTIDaLI/AAAAAAAAAK4/U2wBeu6G3zw/s1600/avery_tex_wolf2.jpg

HA, yeah I kid you not, that is him; spot on. So as were sharing a big sofa chair, I get to talking with him about my life, his life, he tells me about a girl he recently broke up with, he starts opening up to me after knowing me for about 2 minutes. This happens to me a lot. For some reason, people often find it really easy to confide in me I guess, they just spill their guts/hearts/whatever out to me. I like this actually, I love learning about people, I just find it interesting it happens at least once a week.  “Doug” drunkenly blurts out to me, “Man, I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this”, and I reply in my hazy, tipsy state, “No, it’s cool, this happens to me a lot, people just talk to me haha”, “Yeah, I can understand, you’re mesmerizing”, grins that huge grin of his and gazes intensely into my eyes. Woahhh, buddy. Simmer.

So as the night goes on, the proposition of going out comes up amongst some of the guys (none of the girls wanted go out) and I, of course, wanted to go because everyone who knows me knows I will almost never turn down an offer to go out! The cute-ish non-Jewish guy, “John”, asked me, “are you sure you wanna go out? The girls aren’t coming”, I laugh at this and retort, “um yeah, haha, who cares? I wanna go out, let’s go!”, he retorts, “You’re awesome!” and gives me a high-five. Oh, brother.


About marisasadiesays

Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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