Girls, we can all relate to this ish! And thanks for the feedback <3

29 pages later that “Matty” story is done with. GOOD RIDDANCE. That took for-fucking-ever and I could not be more relieved to be done with it haha! Feels so good to have released that from my system. He sucked, so bad. And can keep on sucking with the other bro-y idiots living in Manayunk. Moving on!

I have gotten some great feedback so far from this blog and I really, truly appreciate it. It means so much to me. For instance, last night I was out at Drinker’s in center city for my best friend “Danielle”’s end-of-finals celebration with her Physical Therapy class. Danielle has told me her classmate and our friend “Anne” is rather obsessed with my blog haha. She told me “Anne” checks it all the time and raves about it to everyone she knows. I heard this and thought it was of course an exaggeration because to me this blog is just some subpar writing and a useful form of self-expression and creative release for me. But I guess ya never know how you’ll affect people until ya know!

I arrive at Drinker’s, “Anne” sees me and screams, “OH MY GOD MARISA! You’re here, in person! Oh my god, I love you! I’m obsessed with your blog, you’re my hero!”. And tears began to fall from her eyes. I KID YOU NOT. I was flabbergasted to say the least haha. “In person” she says?! Am I some kind of dating blog writer “celebrity”? Haha barely. So I just stood there stunned at her reaction to seeing me and laughed awkwardly. We talked about the “Matty” story a bit and she expressed to me how much she related to the story and to my real approach at relationships and expressing my feelings. I don’t take peoples’ bullshit and neither does she. It was awesome to trade stories and opinions. At first, I just started writing this to keep me sane but now I realize these stories are very relatable. I am very honest and real so many people (mostly girls, let’s be honest) have connected with it in some way, and that is fantastic. We all deal with this uncommunicative, immature bullshit from men/boys so if I can share my stories and give a little advice and perspective I’m more than happy to. It makes me smile to know I’ve positively affected and influenced girls with my eventful and crazy learned lessons/stories.

Then while I was at the bar I get this text from my friend “Jaime”:

“Go you Marisa! I wish I had half the balls that you do… I’m sure the world would be much less confusing if more people acted like you!”.

🙂 Awwww. This was so sweet of her to say! And totally true. Everyone should speak up! Say what is on your mind, it feels great to let it out and makes life a lot less confusing when things are communicated thoughtfully and thoroughly!

However, I have talked the bejeesus out of this “Matty” situation so much now that I am not even sure if I was in the right in how I acted towards the whole ordeal, so I asked her in response to her text:

“Aww thanks love. You think I acted maturely? I’ve talked about this story so much now I don’t even know now haha”.

And she replied, “I think you were in the right to demand an answer… You deserved to know what went wrong with your relationship.. It’s a totally valid question that most people are afraid to ask because they don’t want to know the truth… But only the truth helps you out in the long run!”

Like they say: the truth shall set you freeeeee! And I 100% totally agree with that! If you know the truth you can know what actually went wrong, the truth of what went wrong, not the made up stuff in your crazy, confused mind, and most importantly, learn from the truth! Learning from the truth helps you make better decisions in your future relationships and learn about yourself, always important and useful things! Grow as a person, always. Never let yourself become comfortable or stubborn or set in your ways. It’s limiting, unattractive, and not conducive to personal growth. But ya gotta talk about it, not text. That’s also highly important.

Alright, that’s all I got for today but tomorrow I will begin writing my “first time” story! It’s a goodie! STAY TUNED!

Xo, Maris


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Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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