Update soon to come! Today!

hey my lovely readers! i’ve been gone at a wedding this weekend so i haven’t had time to write or update! But I am writing the next part right now, stay tuned!

Noteworthy things that happened this wedding weekend:

1. My cousin who went to OSU also knows “Matty”, that’s #awkward

2. Some cute tall guy at the wedding went to college with my cousin who was getting married. He was dancing and flirting with me for a good part of the night. As the wedding is ending, I decide I’ll stay up and talk with “Jamos” (That was actually his name), who knows coulda been a fun little make out sesh or something harmless. The groom says, “Hey, have you met Jamos?! We went to college together, he’s engaged, too!”.

….And this is my life. Getting hit on by complete assholes on the reg and some dude trying to cheat on his fiancee. Adorable. As in not at all. Obviously, once I heard this lovely news I laughed and went to bed. Good riddance, silly face!

Check back later today for the end of the “Matty” story!

xo, Maris


About marisasadiesays

Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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