“Matty” Part 11, graduation dinner, graduation and “friendship”?

So we leave Devil’s Den, I catch a subway then a train home, still super bummed. And my phone had died so I didn’t have any music to listen to on the train to keep me company, womp. I probably tried to call “Matty” to apologize, he probably ignored me (like an asshole). And I fell asleep very perturbed and restless. Okay, so we probably texted for like a week and never saw each other, obviously. During that week, I came to realize how truly incompatible we were to date and I started to like him less in an emotional way and more in a purely “hook up” buddy kinda way. Which is ideal for the kind of relationship we both agreed upon having, “friend with benefits”. I told him this and he said he was relieved. I mean, we are so exponentially different. I wouldn’t want to hang out with his friends and he probably would want to hang out with mine (because they’re awesome and the sweetest group of people) but I had a feeling he didn’t really care to hang out with them so that is not ideal for a relationship. He had set a hard line that my religion and plans to move in 8 months was an issue and the more I thought about it the more I realized he was right. A relationship would be pointless, hook up buddies it is.

So let’s fast forward to May 12-13. That day, May 12th, was actually just two days after that awful Thursday I believe. I had my college graduation dinner with my family that night at Barbuzzo that Saturday night (it wasn’t actually at Barbuzzo but I am using this restaurant in order to not disclose the actual restaurant and our hot waiter’s name). My family and I walked around Rittenhouse Square Park, looked at different artists, vendors, and enjoyed the lovely summer day. “Al” (my brother’s then fiancé, they got married a week later, so now his wife) and I walk arm in arm to the restaurant. I glance in front me as I am crossing the street and my stomach begins to wrangle, my cheeks begin to flush, and I take a deep gulp. Oh god, I see my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend at the other end of the street, I’m walking towards her. So fucking awkward. We don’t actually knooooow each other but we know of each other. So weird. So Philly. This city is too freaking small. This is the first time I have ever seen her in person. She’s cute, she’s fine, I have nothing bad to say, other than she wore a playboy bunny costume for Halloween… (enough said). But I don’t really care about her and she doesn’t care about me. It is just odd to see her is all.

Anyway, so my family and I go to dinner at 7:30 and four of my closest girlfriends meet up with us for dinner, as well. “Matty” and I had been texting because he kept telling me he had no time to hang out because all he was doing was literally going to work every day, running/working out, and studying for the GMAT. He wasn’t even going out on weekend nights. He was trying to get into Wharton for business school and I was very supportive of him throughout this time. I encouraged him that I knew he would do well and was very capable of getting into Wharton. I even told him I’d help him study if he needed my help, I truly wasn’t trying to jump his bones, I wanted to help him because we were “friends”. He told me he really appreciated my support and it meant a lot to him. I was being a good friend to him. The only kind of friend I know how to be, a good, sincere one. So my family, friends, and I have dinner and I text “Matty” at one point while I’m tipsy telling him how hilarious this dinner is. My friends were telling me how hot my brother was (Oy haha, “Molly” said “now, your brother, he is husband material”) and my grandma and mom were getting drunk very quickly and my grandma has some incredible one liners (as everyone in my family knows) so the dinner was hysterical. Also, I was eye fucking our British waiter “Brian” and we were playfully flirting the entire dinner so it was all pretty amusing and fun! “Leah” (my cousin) and I went to farmer’s cabinet after dinner and proceeded to get wasted. It was a fun night!

The next day is Sunday and it was graduation day! I woke up at my cousin’s place in West Philly, took a cab home and got dressed for my college graduation. Yayyyy! FINALLY! As I am sitting there at the Mann Center in my cap and gown I texted “Matty” something like, “Hey! I am graduating and there’s bagpipes playing. Weird lolz”, something silly like that, and he replied, “Haha, you’re a weirdo”. That day was mother’s day, May 13th, and I texted him after graduation saying, “I don’t know how you usually feel on this day, but you should know that you’re mom would be really proud of you. I hope you have a good day :)!”,  (reminder: his mom passed away in high school). I sent him that text with the utmost sincerity because at that point I did feel his mom would be proud of him and his accomplishments and I wanted him to know that I supported him, as a friend/hook up buddy/whatever. He replied, “Thanks :)”. My family and I then went to Northern Liberties to celebrate my college graduation and mother’s day over some brunch. A few hours later, while my family and I are relaxing at the Piazza, “Matty” texted me wishing me, “Congratulations on my special day”. I responded, “thank you and that means a lot”. Hours later my family left, departed for the airport, I took “Leah” home and I went home and fell asleep, hard. I was very tired and hungover from the night before. Actually, now that I am writing this I recalled that “Matty” and I had planned to have post-graduation celebration sex after my family left but since my mini-freak out at him Thursday, we weren’t technically hooking up anymore. So that fun plan was shot down, by him, LAME. That woulda been fun. But it didn’t happen. Obviously.


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Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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