“Matty” part 10, “see, this is why we could never get married.” EXCUSE ME?!

So lets see my exam was that Tuesday and I recall “Matty” and I texted a fair amount the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday. Ugh texting is so fucking dumb. Since this story and the “Dan Water Ice” relationship I’ve really tried to limit the texting nonsense that goes on between me and someone I’m dating/hooking up with/whatever. It is a shitty form of communication. And conversations and talking get lost and muddled because tone cannot be translated via a text message. But yeah when “Matty” and I were still talking we texted a lot. So dumb. But I digress…

So that Thursday I was day drinking with friends all day. I honestly do not recall where I was all day before it was around 6 and me and my girl, let’s call her, “Molly” and her boyfriend “White Boy Swag”  (hahahahaha <3) went to Devil’s Den in South. We got there just in time for happy hour specials. I remember I was already quite tipsy and probably sexting “Matty” a bit but nothing too extreme. An hour after we get there we are seated inside, “Molly” and “White Boy Swag” on one side of the table and me on the other. I see to the right of me there is a Sixers basketball game playing on a flat screen TV. The Sixers are playing against the Bulls, and I recalled the game Friday night was also the Sixers vs. the Bulls. I thought this was odd because in my mind I had just seen this game Friday night and was confused as to why they would be replaying it. Because don’t they not do that in sports much? Replay games? Oh who the hell knows, I know I have no clue.

So I texted “Matty” telling him that there was a Sixers vs. Bulls game on TV right now at this bar, why? I thought we had seen that game Friday night. He instantly replied to this text and replied, “It’s best of 7, It’s the playoffs”, and I reacted “Ohhhh” now I got it. Then he replied (and I quote, I will never forget this stupid fucking remark), “See that’s why we could never get married. Because you’re not interested in sports and I’m not Jewish.” I read this text and my heart sank. And I also became infuriated and pissed off, granted I was drunk, but that text was ridiculous!! Why would he mention marriage to me? Why is he obsessed with marriage?  Why does he keep brining up the Jewish thing? We had agreed upon being “friend with benefits” so my religion should be a NON ISSUE at this point (which I was born into by the way, I cannot control it, and I say this very matter of factly. I am very proud of being Jewish but if we were just hooking up as this point there is no need for him to say something like this to me about religion and especially marriage, ITS WEIRD). I know “Matty” isn’t anti-Semitic or anything. This remark didn’t make me think that, I know he isn’t. But since we were just hooking up, mentioning my religion is out of line and unnecessary. If we had actually decided to become bf/gf then i could see the issue. But we weren’t, so it should have been a non issue!

Now this sports bullshit. Why does my lack of interest in sports fucking matter at all? Do you know how many healthy relationships/marriages/whatevers exist where the man watches sports while the wife goes shopping? Do you think women say to men, “Well, we can’t date or get married because you’re not into fashion or shopping and I am. It just wouldn’t work out”. That is ABSURD. Stupidest shit I’ve ever heard! (And sorry for all of the cursing, this thing just, still to this day, pisses me off). Who cares if I don’t like sports and am not a diehard Ohio State football fan!? SO DUMBBBB! Needless to say, I did not react well to this and let him know exactly what I was thinking. I think I replied something like, “Never say anything like that to me ever again”. I told him that really pissed me off and I didn’t appreciate that remark.

I reacted poorly to that remark about not liking sports also because my ex-boyfriend told me, when he broke up with me, that one reason he knew we wouldn’t work out is because I wasn’t “into sports”. Both parties being into sports does not make a relationship, that is why that remark irks me. That pissed me off then and pissed me off even more now. He did not react well to my reaction and said he thought that I was getting too attached to him, that is why I reacted so unfavorably. Which could have been partly true, but mostly he just pissed me off because that was a shitty thing to say to me. But it was true in some regard. I was starting to like him too much for a healthy “friends with benefits” relationship. If that even exists…? Who knows. But I did react very upset and offended because I did like him too much. I was disappointed and fuming that someone I liked that much would say something like that to me. It was weird and unnecessary. Completely something out of left field (pun intended, asshole). I recall in my mind at that time he made it sound like those were flaws in me. That I was not into sports and that I’m Jewish; as if those factors are not good enough. Those are not flaws whatsoever, that is just me and I’m very happy with that. I am sure he didn’t mean it that way, I have no idea actually what the hell he meant by this stupid remark, it just should not have been said. ANOTHER RED FLAG.

So I tried to retract my outlash at him and every time I tried to say something to retract it, it probably made me seem crazier and crazier in his eyes. I don’t remember what I said to him. I know I called him and he wouldn’t pick up, maybe I called another time and he said he didn’t want to talk about this. He told me he thought we should cool down on the hooking up and just be “friends” for a while and see what happens and evolves. This did not make me happy. I was instantly super bummed, and drunk, that’s never a good combo. Honestly, looking back at it now I shouldn’t have retracted anything I said in response to that stupid remark because it was out of line and rude on his part. But I liked him and wanted to keep having sex with him quite honestly. It’s always nice to get laid regularly; we all know that, let’s be honest. I was blinded by desire, attraction, and great sex. Ugh.

To be continued after a good night’s sleep… lilah tov people!


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Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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