“Matty, part 6 (2/2)

I enter my apartment and immediately squeal and chuckle, “ahhh! That was crazyyy” out loud, overcome with joy. I make myself a second mini breakfast because I’m still pretty hungry from the past 10 hours and know I won’t get any time to eat at work. “Matty” and I texted (not gonna lie, a little bit of sexting as well…) while I was getting showered and dressed for work and talked on the phone on my drive to work about seeing m83 together in August (haha, that didn’t happen, obviously). I go to work and jovially skip around the store super smiley and giddy while I sell clothes to rich tweens and their suburbia parents. Thoughts of last night and this morning’s happenings make me blush and turned on in public. Oy. So work goes by pretty quickly and as I’m leaving I see I have a missed called and voice mail from “Matty”. “:)” is my instant reaction. I still have the voicemail because I still haven’t forced myself to delete it, it was just too darn cute. So here it is:

“Hey Marisa it’s me. First of all I’m never calling you ever again. That ringtone (I bought a ringback tone freshman year of college and still have not figured out how to delete it, so it expired and now plays classical music. It’s pretty ridiculous and embarrassing) is probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard  (he then giggles so fucking adorably I can’t even stand it). And second of all I’m headed downtown to pick up my marathon packet and thought I’d give you a call and say ‘hey’. Um, your break’s probably over with but if you get this call me back. Uh bye.”

Adorbs. Golly, I am grinning like a smiley buffoon in this moment as I stroll through the crowded hallways of the mall. And even just now as I listen to it again it makes me smile because I can feel his warmth and kindness in his voice, like I did that Saturday when I thought he was the sweetest guy I had possibly ever been with/hooked up with/whatever (despite all of the bullshit that’s gone down since then). I know deep down this guy is a good person, but only to some I guess; he just treated me like shit, which is disappointing and hurtful. But, I mean, I’ll get to all that soon enough….

So as I am leaving the terrible hell on Earth that is the mall, I call
“Matty” back. We talk and laugh about our days and how we can’t wait to see each other again. He tells me how nice it is to see his family this weekend and I probably tell him I am going to dinner with girlfriends or something. He calls me before he goes to sleep that night and I ask him what he thinks about me. And vice versa. I tell him I think he is a good guy and that the sex was amazing. And he says the same to me, vice versa. In the back of my head I am thinking the best of my life (so far) but I don’t tell him this because I don’t want him to get too cocky. I ask him if he thought our date would go as well as it did and he confesses that he was nervous. I am, of course, the most “hipster” girl he has ever dated and probably intimately met. So I get why he was nervous, I was too after all, but I don’t tell him that. He cuts our tired, rambling, and smile-inducing conversation short because he needs to go to sleep. After all, he is running 26.2 miles tomorrow. So I say lilah tov (good night in Hebrew (B’Ivrit)) and tell him I hope he has fun on his run! He sweetly replies, “sleep tight, Marisa” and I fall asleep grinning ear to ear and sleep well and hard, I was dead tired.

The next day I wake up feeling refreshed and smiley, of course. I text “Matty” telling him I hope his run is going well! I had work that day so at 2 I went to the mall and two hours later am sent home early because it’s a pretty slow day, which is a blessing in disguise because my good friend “Lily” is having boy drama and needs a hug, a hand to hold… and many drinks. So I meet up with her in South and let her cry as I hold her hand in my car. We decide on Royal Tavern and get some wine and food. I let her vent and give her advice as “Matty” texts me about how his run went, how tired he is, and how much he wants to see me/touch me/kiss me/ etc. again… and soon. I reply eagerly because now that I’ve had him I want him even more. “Lily” and I laugh at the irony that she is in boy drama hell/insanity/heartbreak as I am immersed and consumed by dating/relationship/whatever you call this shit in modern day dating times BLISS. Sigh. Pretty damn typical.

An hour or so later, “Lily” and I go to a bar in Fairmount and continue our drunken chatter about her tortured and tattered heart, while I throw in tidbits about my mind-boggling sexcapade to attempt to balance out the heavy convo. “Matty” and I continue sexting inadvertently throughout the day and decide we need, not want, but NEED to see each other ASAP and decide on tomorrow, Monday, after he’s done with work and I’ve gone to my last class of my college career. Ever, woot woot! A few hours later, tired and slightly tipsy, I drop “Lily” off at her friend’s place. As soon as I get home I crawl into bed and instantly fall asleep. I am awoken by a midnight call from “Matty”.  I see his name pop up on my iPhone and instantly am glowing with excited butterflies in my tummy and a wide smile sprawled across my face. Yay, he’s calling me, again. He is driving back to Philly from Pittsburgh and wants me to help keep him up. I gladly answer his call and we talk for an hour or so, babbling on about his run, my classes I have tomorrow, how tired he is going to be at work tomorrow, my most recent favorite bands, how amazing the sex was Friday night/Saturday morning, how great it’s going to be tomorrow, blah, blah, blah. Just talk about whatever. (I mean I don’t remember exactly, it was like 4 months ago but I’m sure we talked about these things). As our conversation comes to an end, I tell him to drive safely and that I can’t wait for tomorrow night. He says the same and wishes me a lilah tov. I fall asleep beaming.


About marisasadiesays

Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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