“Matty” Date #1, part 5

I am writing this post while listening to Frank Ocean’s “channel orange”… that should be enough explanation. (AND IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO THAT ALBUM PLEASE DO; IT IS SO GOOD AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT). Thinking about you, Bad religion, Forrest Gump are so amazing. Like make my heart yearn, that good. SO beautiful.


SO it’s about 6 am when we wake up, me, baby spoon, him, big spoon. Mmm. It felt so damn good in his arms. “Matty” was fit and had strong arms but not too strong in a gross, beefy way (which I am very not attracted to). Waking up lying in his warm, comfy embrace put a huge grin on my face instantly, despite getting barely any sleep. It didn’t matter, the after-sex-glow works wonders. I turn towards him as I groan and stretch my arms, adjusting to the daylight of early morning and settling into my slight hangover headache. He looks in my tired eyes, smiles warmly and gives me two sweet kisses on my lips. I kiss him back, and two kisses become a passionate makeout session, then me on top of him, a few “aw baby”s and passionate declarations of my name from him, which then lead to (at this point in my life) the best sex I have ever had. EVER. And from a guy I had just met the day before. At first I thought this was just insane and unimaginable, but really was it? Does time matter? Sexual connection and chemistry can happen anywhere, between anyone. Sometimes it is just SO SO there and easy and natural, fits like a glove. And this was one of those connections. (The sex at least.) He was just such a good lover. He made me feel so desired, sexy, comfortable, free, giddy, pretty, special.

After we were done “touching each other”, we continued cuddling and fell asleep arm in arm, hand in hand for an hour or so. It was really lovely. An hour later we awoke to the alarm he had set because I had to go to work at 12. I groaned and said, “Bah, I don’t wanna go to work. I just wanna cuddle the shit outta you.” He laughed at this, smiled, and then replied, “That was freaking adorable”. He kisses me and we talk about how much fun we had last night (and this morning) and how inappropriate we were for making out at the bar. But whatever, it happened, what could we do? Nada. Haha. We both sigh and decide we must get up because I gotta go to work! He tells me he wishes I didn’t, which makes me feel happy and fuzzy and warm inside. I gather my clothes from the floor, redress, and he puts on all Ohio state gear, OSU t-shirt, OSU gym shorts, even OSU socks. He does this to fuck with me because he thinks I’ll find it ridiculous and annoying. I found it both ridiculous and annoying, but more so, adorable. Ordinarily I wouldn’t look twice at a 24-year-old, seemingly adult aged dude dressed like that (because it looks fucking stupid), other than to laugh at him but this was “Matty”. Fuck, I liked this person.

We go downstairs and I get my first tour and view of his row home in the light of day. It’s nice! Just three post-college, frat boys living in a relatively clean house. Normal. He leads me to the kitchen and insists he feed me. I chose one cereal out of the four choices, then switched to a mix between two. He tells me to sit at the table while he prepares me my breakfast. So sweet. I browse a random “Architectural Digest” magazine sitting on the table, while he is hard at work in the kitchen. He hands me my one-of-a-kind cereal blend and sits down with me for our “morning after” meal. I ask him why there is an “Architectural Digest” sitting on the table. He tells me his certified nutritionist roommate is into random hobbies, such as furniture design and home décor, among his love for eating all vegan (and being obnoxiously preachy about it), working out like a beefcake fiend, and smoking cigarettes. He sounds awesome. And by awesome I mean someone I would absolutely detest! One of my biggest pet peeves is people who are preachy about health and veganism when they chain smoke cigarettes and/or drink/do drugs all the time. Sorry buddy you’re not healthy, you’re just a moron who doesn’t get enough protein and probably has an iron deficiency. I call so much bullshit. We also talked about what I do with my life and how much I love fashion. He explained to me how he doesn’t really understand high-end fashion, “Why are all of the models so skinny?” he asks, “They looks so gross. I’m more attracted to Victoria’s secret models that look like you, curvier girls”. This made me laugh for two reasons. 1. It’s always funny to see how guys view fashion. The fact that high-end fashion models are often emaciated and barely even size zeros doesn’t really have anything to do with the clothes. The skinny girls are an afterthought of the actual importance, beauty and awesomeness of high-end fashion lines, which define and set the tone for future trends, designs, prints, color stories, etc. for the entire fashion industry 2. It’s hilarious and AWESOME that he put me in the same category as Victoria’s Secret models (I don’t know if he realizes those models are not really “curvy” and are most likely just as anorexic/bulimic as high-fashion/runway models…). That’s insane but I’m obviously not gonna protest that compliment. #winning at this moment. For sure.


About marisasadiesays

Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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