Part 2 of “Matty”, date #1

K, an hour later… it’s tomorrow, technically. I just need to get this shit out.

SO, going on… We get the beers, tap each other’s plastic cups to cheers and smile at each other sweetly. He leads the way and I follow him to our seating entrance, which is pretty freaking close to the court. These seats must have been uber expensive. Damn. He turns to the right and up a few flights to our seats. I sit to the left of him and start to take in the amazing ridiculousness (or awfulsome-ness (shout out to mah girl Aliaaaa)) that is a Sixers game. There’s the deliciously tacky Jersey couple to the right of us and the token loud group of black people to the left of me yelling about how their hot dogs are subpar or that they want some cotton candy, who the hell knows. There’s little kids dancing on the big screen and cushy foam one hands waving all around that read “#1” (YEAH! SPORTS). But, it’s all pretty hilarious to take in. So much stimulating people watching to consume in my smiley tipsy state.

So “Matty” and I joke and laugh about all the craziness going on around us for a few minutes until we really start to settle into the basketball game, our conversation and our blooming relationship. The convo quickly started to cover our family and friend history, our passions, our college careers, future life plans, etc. (Personally, all my friends and family know I am a chatter box. I will talk your fucking ear off and make you laugh while doing it, so the charm and openness comes naturally. However, for most people this is not the case I’ve come to learn…)

As we divulge in our family stories, I inform him about my huge crazy Jewish family and the close connection we all have to our religion and each other. He smiles and tells me how much he “loves Jews!” and kind of understands the strong unbinding connection that comes with being in a tight knit Jewish family. He tells me about his OSU fraternity, how much he adored it, and became friends with lots of hilarious Jewish dudes who I also know in some form another through mutual friends. This light-hearted talk organically turns into a spilling of words about our family histories. I share with him the sad passing of my sweet aunt and he tells me something, “he doesn’t usually share with people”, but he feels comfortable talking to me, he admits. His family had a terrible loss in their family, as well. His mom took her own life when he was in high school. I hear this and instantly my heart sinks. I am shocked. I knew his mom had died but I figured he’d say of cancer. I think to myself, “Wow. That is so fucking awful and sad. Just soooo sad.” My heart aches for him in that moment. I tell him how sorry I am for his devastating loss and he says thank you. I assume in this moment that he seems to have probably gotten therapy for the loss or dealt with the issues that come with such a tragic loss, because he seems like a smart, very well mannered guy who has his shit together.

Thankfully, the convo reversed to more light-hearted topics once again.  We continue talking about our friends, roommates, where we go out, what music we like, etc. and are laughing and smiling amiably at each other the entire time. I make a cute little joke poking fun at him and lightly punch his leg and he squirms. My slightly drunk mind races at this unsettling body language and questions, “Oh, shit, did he squirm cuz he’s not into me? Was that weird that I touched him?” so I awkwardly blurt out to him, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you didn’t want me to touch your leg” and he turns to grin at me and laughs, “No, no, you can touch me, I want you to”, he says in his adorable, sexy voice. Oh phew! My nerves subside instantly and I settle into this giddy drunk feeling and let myself go.

As minutes pass on, we vaguely watch the game going on feet in front of us and continue our flirtatious banter.  We dually conclude we didn’t actually eat that much for “dinner” and that we are getting too drunk too fast, so we decide to go get a soft pretzel. He goes to the left and me to the right for a bathroom break, and when I meet up with him again at a nearby spot he is already munching on our pretzel. He charmingly grins at me as I join him and breaks off a big side piece for me. As we people watch and eat our pretzel, we stand in awkward fuzzy drunken silence, grinning at the palpable sexual chemistry between us. This is the first time I truly know it’s there. I can feel it down my arms and legs, blushing my cheeks, all over. A piece of his pretzel falls to the ground and I jokingly squeal “no!”, and we both giggle. I pick it up gracefully and throw it away. Then, back at his side, I take a small piece of my pretzel and smoothly place it in his mouth. He grins, we lock eyes, he breathes a small deep breath and I get chills. Goddamn.

Once we finish our soft pretzel we head back to our seats side by side. Our flirtatious, witty banter continues as he confesses to me that he has dated Jewish girls in the past and knows how crazy, fun, and frankly sexual, they can be. “Fucking Jewish girls,” he jokingly remarks shaking his head with a huge dimpled grin. I giggle at this because I know it’s true but don’t give myself away… in this moment at least. A few minutes later, at the end of yet another funny story and laughing fit, we have an awkward silence. Impulsively, I lean in and he reciprocates, filling that silence with our first kiss, a sweet peck on the lips. Keeping it classy and respectable, of course, in front of the hoards of people surrounding us. We separate and smile sweetly at each other, both take in a deep breath and turn our attention back to the game. He puts his big hand on my bare knee and I reciprocate with my comparatively small hand on his. As the game goes on and our attention shifts back to each other, our sexual tension and chemistry is overwhelming. Ya know, when you’re in public at a bar or restaurant or wherever and you see that couple who is just so fucking into each other, you know later they are just gonna go home and bone? (Yup, that was us.). As the fourth quarter comes to an end, the score is close and I surprisingly find myself joining in on the fun, cheering for the Sixers. “Defense!” I yell jokingly, yet not so jokingly in unison with “Matty” and the rest of the crowd. The final seconds fall from the clock and the Sixers win! WAHOOOO! Everyone is standing, cheering, and we both join in. Me, poking fun at the ridiculousness and hilarity that surrounds us, and him, totally into it, grinning ear to ear and giving a high-five to one of our esteemed seat neighbors. I find this adorable, of course.

We then follow the swarms of people filing out of the seats around us. He swiftly steps in front of me, and leads us out. Consumed by the thrill of the close-game win and our intense sexual chemistry, I flirtatiously wrap my hands around his waist as we’re traipsing out of our seating area with a huge grin on my face. I follow his lead into the stadium vending area and he warmly grabs my hand to lead the way towards the exit doors. He asks if I wanna go to the new “Xfinity Live!” bar that’s across the parking lot, over the loud crowd. I lightly chuckle at this question because this bar is a place I would obviously never go on my own fucking time.  I assume it’s probably full of bros, loud sports games, overpriced drinks, and all that bullshit I usually try to avoid and basically detest. But, I’m having fun with him and am being carefree, so I say “Sure! Let’s go!”.  As we approach the exit doors, we both cringe to realize it’s POURING! outside. He asks me if I want to wait it out and I spontaneously reply, “no, let’s just run for it!”. He smiles widely at this response and gives me his paper ticket as a “mini umbrella” to ward of the rain. He adds, “You ready?” and I reply “Yup!” and we’re off. Seconds later, we’re both darting out of the exit doors, and sprinting towards the humongous, obnoxiously fluorescent bar that is 300 yards from the stadium exit. We laugh and I squeal at the excitement, silliness, and romanticism of us running in the rain together. I don’t care that my hair is getting wet or that my top is becoming slightly see through because this is so fucking sexy. So exhilarating. I’m having fun.

To be continued… after a workout and other things.


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Hi hi, I am 23-year-old lover of life, love, fun, family, friends, good food, exercise, among many other things. I specialize in story telling, having long hair, people watching, putting together fun outfits, and dating tales... if you didn't know that already. well, now ya do. most definitely.
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